Itisha Giri

Me Too

Itisha Giri | March 16, 2018

Me, too, has a strong-armed will,

a mean swing

for bats and balls, a

wild, mean, streak for elbowing.

Other words, other worlds

Itisha Giri | April 17, 2016

In Other Words is an account of Jhumpa Lahiri losing and finding herself

On privilege: Notes from the Nepal Literature Festival

Itisha Giri | February 18, 2016

I am Juthey, a lowly, poor man of this world


My bastard child

Itisha Giri | September 15, 2015

You – my bastard child, you have learnt to speak, after years

I have created

Itisha Giri | July 17, 2015

I have created –

a country for you where your fractured self

lives by multiple names

When I have a daughter

Itisha Giri | February 23, 2015

  When I have a daughter, I will pinch her every day so her skin turns to rhino hide – so she feels no pain when cornered by a stranger’s hand at play.   When I have a daughter, I will lash her with my tongue – so she is ready for it when someone […]