I have created

Itisha Giri | July 17, 2015

I have created –

a country for you where your fractured self

lives by multiple names –

and no pen can pin you down to be the one that

belongs to someone else.


I have created –

a land for you that is yours

to dig deep for roots

that give life to the blood

running through the many layers of you.


I have created –

a town for you where you can walk

hand in hand, coupled

in your fits of desire.


I have created –

a womb where your tiny apparitions

float on their backs until you flip them over-

into your salty embrace and

you both come up for air.


I have created –

a home for you where the rent is paid

by the life you breathe into the walls that would

crumble if you didn’t call it your own.



One response to “I have created”

  1. Richa P says:

    Wow! Beautiful. Itisha Giri is a flawless poet, love all the poems she comes out with. Keep up the amazing work! Your words inspire me.

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