Me Too

Itisha Giri | March 16, 2018
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Me, too, has a strong-armed will,

a mean swing

for bats and balls, a

wild, mean, streak for elbowing.

Me was given a kitchen set.

You can see her flipping omelettes.

Me, too, has muscles to flex

a fiery tongue to spit out action verbs

in the active tense.

I Run. I Jump. I Fight.

Me wrestled him to the ground.

Me was held down

You can see her in a tongue-lock, tongue-tied.


Me, too, likes to own.

A minefield of me, my, mine.

Eyes. Ears. Nose, Mouth, You;


I want. I need. I have.

Me, too, wants to be seen

always has her hand up

Me too, Me too, Me too.

Me was given, given, given; taken.

You can see her waiting, disappearing.


When Me is a she

she is seen,

sometimes, heard,

sometimes, held,

held back

Me is strong-armed, muscled out

and into the corner, touched

by He, He, He

He, too?

Did. Did. Did.

Why She?

She, She, She,

She, too?


Me, too, can

rule, rouse, rage, ravage

Look at me. Look at me.

Me, too, can be king.


Me, the blind pawn,

Me, the naked knight

Me, the still, stone-faced rook,

Me, the bishop, cutting corners.

Me, the queen never

the king, but

Me, too, can kill.

Me says, the king is dead.

He says, She says, We all say,

long live the king.


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