Rule of thirds

Pranaya Rana | April 2, 2016

Three is an oblique, incomplete number. Three is a number of charm. Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times a pattern.

This country is yours

Surendra Lawoti | November 13, 2013

This Country is Yours is an ongoing long-term body of work started in 2012. The work focuses on activists of six social and political movements of Nepal, which represent the following groups: women, indigenous nationalities, Dalits (“untouchable” groups), Madhesis (regional minorities from the areas adjoining the Indian plains), the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community, and religious […]

Waiting for NEPAL

Karan Shrestha | July 16, 2013

Dear fellow countrymen,
Stillness is death. No matter how much you shout, scream, scatter, fight, hide or fly, you

सुन्दरी देवी : आफ्नै धरातलमा

La.lit | January 18, 2013

आफ्नो सानो, खिस्रीक्क परेको खेतमा उभिएकी सुन्दरी देवी । बर्दियाको एउटा राजमार्गको छेउमा सरकारले दिएको जमिन । भर्खरै जोतेर फर्काइएको खेतको माटो । मनसुन आधा बितिसक्यो तर आकाशमा चर्न छोडिएका जर्कटा भेंडाजस्ता