That’s alright! I, Untouchable, am just fine, Sir

Kewal Binabi | September 24, 2021

Flowing through the atmosphere
the breaths that my ancestors have taken
are perhaps drifting somewhere
though the interstices of this flower

Family Chart

Shuvangi Khadka | May 11, 2021

My endogamous family chart    

is composed of trees and                  

occasionally, almost rarely, shrubs.

Six Poems by Barbara Ras

Barbara Ras | March 28, 2021

To dig for quahogs, to feel their edges like smiles

 in sea mud and pull them up into a bucket.

My Country Loves Me

Neha Rayamajhi | February 11, 2021

My country cries over 

burnt flags,


the birth lore of gods,

not the bodies of desecrated dead girls;

My country says I am a Goddess. 

Rumour in the Fishermen’s Village

Shrawan Mukarung | June 5, 2020

When a rumour spread in the village
that stars had drowned
in the river
he picked up his fishing line
and left in the early dawn.


Harisharan Pariyar | June 2, 2020

Scissors run along the stitch
at times left
at times right
at times up
at times in a semicircle
create a recognizable shape


Shrawan Mukarung | May 26, 2019

Since he heard that “Man has reached the moon”,
our Thuley has left home.

Kathmandu Blues Refrain

Shefali Upreti | March 8, 2019

The small gods said
that I can’t see past the hill.

A Witch in the Night

Shefali Upreti |

What am I?
A lady? A queen?