Volume 9

La.Lit Vol. 9 is available in major bookstores in the Kathmandu Valley. Our online system for international orders is currently being updated, so please bear with us.


Traditions & Transgressions

Lora Tomas: Salt: a vignette from a small Croatian island

Ross Adkins: West Country Scrumpy

Muna Gurung: The Taste of Decay

Premila van Ommen: New Gurkha Kitchen: Eating Nepali in England

Amish Raj Mulmi: Fussy Eaters Forever

Kaustav Bannerjee: Beef-pork Politics and the Bahujan Paradox

Garga Chatterjee: Tamed Tigers: Indigenous Cuisines in Imperium

Review: Fascism in the Kitchen


Fasts & Feasts

Prawin Adhikari: I Really Gotta Have Those Fries, Man!

Peter Gill: Grease in the Heart of Mithila

Kumar Nagarkoti: The Teahouses of Patan

Stevan Pešić: Katmandu: an excerpt


Roots & Shoots

Niranjan Kunwar and Sanjeev Maharjan: Grains and Bodies

Interview: A Chef in the World: Mahesh-cha’s Journey from Samay Baji to Sushi



Elvira Riveiro

Dores Tembrás

Estíbaliz Espinosa

Ann Hunkins

Gonzalo Hermo

Marta Dacosta

Suso Moinhos

Tamara Andrés

Yolanda Castaño

Tory Grieves



Indra Bahadur Rai: Kheer

Nancy Stohlman: The Pilgrimage

Evie Rucker: The World’s End Cafe



Anil Bhattarai: Seeing Like a Farmer