Review: Downtown Restaurant, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

gobArganesh | August 24, 2014
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The sun rose slightly earlier than the day before. The sun rose like rose concrete. The sun came up like a smoke alarm over Kathmandu which was already half-awake and blowing steam.

It was a usual morning. I got up, I made coffee, I took a shower, I used a bar of soap with seabuckthorn in it. I read the paper. I went to work. I walked into the Downtown Restaurant in Pulchowk and ordered a fresh lemon soda, garlic naan, and palak paneer.

Downtown is not unlike the chipped mug I keep in my cupboard out of some sense of nostalgia and forced practicality. Perfectly functional, but the sort of thing you avoid giving to houseguests. The plates at Downtown are green and functional, just like the palak paneer. Neither are chipped.

It’s hard to fuck up a lemon soda, and Downtown succeeded in not fucking it up. The naan was fluffy and somewhat sweet and peppered with garlic. As a whole, the meal left me feeling pleasantly sated but with a tinge of regret.

Overall score:


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