La.Lit speaks! (We’ve launched a new podcast)

La.Lit | June 27, 2020

Here is Episode 4 of the La.Lit podcast!

Homebound yet bound to each other, shut off from the world yet glimpsing others in the pages of books, La.Lit’s floating pool of editors have put together a new podcast for your delectation.

In our fourth episode, contributing editors Rajani Thapa and Shlesha Thapaliya talk about the complexity of food, beyond what’s on your plate.

In our third episode, contributing editor Rajani Thapa muses about reading Hilary Mantel, and the moral anguish surrounding incidents of caste and racial violence that have marked these past few weeks. La.Lit assistant editor Prawin Adhikari, speaking from his apartment in Sanepa Chowk, discusses the texts he has been reading through the lockdown, along with the writing that he wishes he could have done.

In the second episode, from their home above the La.Lit office in Jawlakhel, publisher Suvani Singh and her partner, La.Lit assistant editor Pranab Man Singh, discuss the contrast between two separate experiences of isolation, graphic novels, Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki manga and a solitary blue whale whose utterances perhaps his peers can’t hear or understand in this episode, Tuning In.

In the first episode of the podcast, from Madrid and London, editors Itisha Giri and Rabi Thapa ruminate on what others have had to say about the societies we choose to live in, the food we eat, and our journeys through isolation. From Coetzee to Plath, through poetry and graphic novels, here’s Tunnel Vision to colour your days.


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