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Writing Nepal: the Shortlist!

La.lit | June 12, 2013

A few days ago, Samrat Upadhyay sent us his shortlist for La.Lit's first short story competition, Writing Nepal. We couldn't keep it to ourselves for very long. So here we go, in no particular order...

Uma: between meditation and melodrama

stone.soup | June 11, 2013

Then, along came Uma. It had a lot of expectations attached to it – the actors are among the best of their generations, and the director Tsering Ritar Sherpa is a pioneer among his peers, for the breadth of his vision and for his courage to make fiction-films like Mukundo and Karma.

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At the bank

stone.soup | June 6, 2013

Standing in queue, with a cheque in hand, waiting for the tortoise-crawl to the counter, the back of the head of the man standing before me becomes an intimate: in the ten minutes since I...

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The prediction

Latokosero | June 2, 2013

The astrologer was a pleasant young man, with worn down cloth shoes and a dust-coloured set of clothes. Mohan Shamsher was surprised. He had expected someone older, someone more commanding. More authoritative. This man, with his humble cotton outfit, could not have been more than thirty, at the most.

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Journey to the West, part 4: the bookshop

Latokosero | May 3, 2013

When Quixote's Cove, the bookshop this magazine is affiliated with, was established, it always wanted to wear more than a retailer's garb. It drew its inspiration from the romanticization of ideas that felt as though they...

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In the skin

stone.soup | April 24, 2013

After a very long time, I looked at a full-length mirror. A surface that could reflect the length and the breadth, the quirk and cookie, the flaw and full. I stood before a familiar face...

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A Journey to the West, part 3: the library

Latokosero | April 23, 2013

If the nature of a city and its people are reflected in the public/civic institutions they support, then Kathmandu appears distinctly barbaric. Our libraries are in shambles - they are run like museums, carrying bounded...

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A Journey to the West, part 2: Seattle

Latokosero | April 15, 2013

What is it that writers offer to society? One belief is that they offer a means for understanding our world -  the people and relations that mould much of it. For instance, reading Jane Austen's Pride...

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A Journey to the West, part 1: Travel

Latokosero | April 9, 2013

There I was, traveling to the pinnacle of civilization from a nation confounded by its own existentialism. Five legs over 36 hours - ordeals were to be expected. My journey was marred from the beginning...