Writing Nepal

One day in the life of Comrade Aakrosh (Writing Nepal short-listed story)

Surath Giri | March 4, 2022

Comrade Aakrosh’s reputation preceded him in the party. He was as known for his ruthlessness as he was for his loyalty to the party and therefore, the cause. His loyalty and uprightness were as fearsome as his ruthlessness.

Vaccine (Writing Nepal 2021, shortlisted story)

Bijay Prakash Upadhyaya | February 18, 2022

The government is rolling out vaccines and he knows that he isn’t supposed to get one. At least, not yet. The vaccines are for the older folks, the doctors and nurses at the hospitals, the bankers, and the sarkari babus. Everyone but him.

The Man on the Bus (Writing Nepal, 1st place winner)

Pooja Poudel | February 4, 2022

Once she overheard two aunties talk about the growing numbers of vehicles on the roads of Kathmandu. ‛The street looks like a colony of ants. The cars are the big ants and the motorbikes are smaller ants and they run a never-ending marathon,’ one of them had said.

The Thin Wall (Writing Nepal, 2nd place winner)

Ritu Rajbanshi | January 28, 2022

From the outside, the five-story house looked rickety but whole. On the inside, every storey under the corrugated tin roof was divided into two neat parts. One part belonged to Fakir Das Shrestha – an angry old widower – and his only son, Panna.

Tick-tick-tick (Writing Nepal, 3rd place joint-winner)

Alfa M. Shakya | January 21, 2022

The feeling started at her knees and radiated upward, traveling through the capillaries and veins that usually carried blood. Today, there was something else mixed in it whose exact chemical composition Sheela could not tell.

The Story of Chhepu (Writing Nepal, 3rd place joint-winner)

Sadish | January 14, 2022

When Kathmandu was a lake, there lived a creature here so grotesque even its own mother could not bear to look at it. Its name was Chhepu. Look above the entrance of any temple in Kathmandu and you will see it posing mid-meal.

Pooja Poudel’s The Man on the Bus wins Writing Nepal, 2021

Sachi Mulmi |

The Writing Nepal contests have been a treat for the readers in Nepal. Since its first edition, it has attracted emerging writers to submit stories to the competition, and some such writers are emerging writers no more, but established on the firmament of Nepali writing in English.