Hollowed out

Rabi Thapa | May 7, 2015

Public transport is a doddle these days. With the empty can of the tempo rattling behind us, being seated in front with the driver is quite the same as being in a cab.

The birds sang on Sunday morning

Niranjan Kunwar | May 3, 2015

I’m talking about the Sunday after the quake, although Sunday hadn’t even fully arrived.

Writing Nepal 2015: a short story contest

La.lit | April 17, 2015

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with writer Samrat Upadhyay to organize the second edition of Writing Nepal: A Short Story Contest. The contest has been set up to encourage new writing in English from Nepal. The deadline for all submissions is 30 June 2015. Samrat Upadhyay will be the sole judge […]

Writing haikus in Jhapa

Nasala Chitrakar | March 15, 2015

On 20 February this year, the eighth-grade students of East Horizon English Higher Secondary School in Jhapa found their language teacher, Rekha Ma’am, seated amongst them. That day, our team of four weary Word Warriors was taking on her role. After 16 long hours on a night bus from Kathmandu, we decided to throw our […]

Focal length

Ben Ayers | February 19, 2015

Picture yourself eating dāl bhāt in a Nepali restaurant in Amsterdam. The sun plays lightly along the cobblestones, the tourists go about their strange European lives, fiddling with cameras, furtively glancing at the racks of lewd postcards and daydreaming in the fog of legal dope. The walls are peppered with sun-worn Everest panoramas and the […]

Doing it right

Kashish Das Shrestha | February 9, 2015

Dear young artists (students of Fine Arts, recent graduates, emerging talents) of Nepal, I found out earlier today that on Saturday, The Kathmandu Post published an odd article about Aditya Aryal aka Sadhu-X, one of our most promising artists. It was very disappointing for many reasons, which I will address below. But first I want to urge you not […]

Jaipur Litfest Day 5: Socrates to the CA

Niranjan Kunwar | January 26, 2015

I took a quick, cold shower on Sunday morning, the last day of the Jaipur Literature Festival. The previous night, I had transferred from a comfortable hotel, walking distance from the festival venue Diggi Palace, to a cheaper location. The temperature inside the new hotel room was not artificially controlled. So I dried myself fast […]

An area of light: Naipaul in Jaipur

Niranjan Kunwar | January 25, 2015

“India had not worked its magic on me. It remained the land of my childhood, an area of darkness; like the Himalayan passes, it was closing up again, as fast as I withdrew from it, into a land of myth; it seemed to exist in just the timelessness which I had imagined as a child, […]

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015, Day 3

Niranjan Kunwar | January 24, 2015

editor’s note – It has been brought to our notice that our blogger is struggling to keep up with the deluge of simultaneous sessions spitting out ideas ranging from the sublime to the mundane. There is, apparently, Just Too Much Going On. A few hastily written notes, marred with metaphysical coffee stains (or whisky?) have nonetheless […]