Thank you for the reality check

Suman Giri | December 16, 2015

You were everything I imagined – chaotic, dirty, and severely mismanaged. But then, I wasn’t looking for anything serious either.

My dissent

Prawin Adhikari | October 3, 2015

I understand why some of my fellow citizens want to celebrate this document. But when I weigh that against why some other fellow citizens of mine find no reason for cheer, I find betrayal in the celebrations.

Pranaya Rana wins Writing Nepal 2015

La.lit | August 5, 2015

The second edition of La.Lit’s Writing Nepal short story contest, judged by US-based Nepali writer Samrat Upadhyay, has been won by Pranaya Rana with his tale of a man obsessed, ‘In the hollow of your hands hides a heartbeat’.

Writing Nepal 2015 Shortlist

La.lit | July 28, 2015

After browsing through 100-plus entries on the slow train from Saigon to Hanoi, Writing Nepal judge Samrat Upadhyay has whittled us a sharp shortlist. Here are the lucky seven

Waiting for O’Neill

Nepalikukur | July 3, 2015

How does one evaluate Parnab Mukherjee

Hollowed out

Rabi Thapa | May 7, 2015

Public transport is a doddle these days. With the empty can of the tempo rattling behind us, being seated in front with the driver is quite the same as being in a cab.

The birds sang on Sunday morning

Niranjan Kunwar | May 3, 2015

I’m talking about the Sunday after the quake, although Sunday hadn’t even fully arrived.

Writing Nepal 2015: a short story contest

La.lit | April 17, 2015

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with writer Samrat Upadhyay to organize the second edition of Writing Nepal: A Short Story Contest. The contest has been set up to encourage new writing in English from Nepal. The deadline for all submissions is 30 June 2015. Samrat Upadhyay will be the sole judge […]

Writing haikus in Jhapa

Nasala Chitrakar | March 15, 2015

On 20 February this year, the eighth-grade students of East Horizon English Higher Secondary School in Jhapa found their language teacher, Rekha Ma’am, seated amongst them. That day, our team of four weary Word Warriors was taking on her role. After 16 long hours on a night bus from Kathmandu, we decided to throw our […]