Rabi Thapa

2013 in literature – a Lalitey’s view

Rabi Thapa | January 3, 2014

One year dissolves into the next, but I won’t forget 2013 in a hurry, for this was the year La.Lit came into being. The January launch of our first print volume and website helped us round the corner of our winter of discontent, which ended with the farcical cancellation of the Kathmandu Literary Jatra. But if we […]

La.Lit’s Election Special

Rabi Thapa | November 18, 2013

To vote, or what to vote? There’s no denying election fever is coursing through most (if not all) of our nation’s veins. Walking back to my constituency this evening, I overhead one man guarding the sanctity of his ballot (Aba vote kaslai dine ta vote diyepachi bhanaula ni), another lauding its significance (Budho-kauli ko katti? […]

Editorial, New Fiction from Nepal

Rabi Thapa | November 1, 2013

Dear Readers, There is a sense in which Nepalis writing in English have an advantage over their contemporaries writing in Nepali and other less known languages. Through English, they can speak directly to the world – which means access to agents, publishers, literary festivals, prizes, and a global readership. Everything, in fact, that a literary […]

Au Lecteur

Rabi Thapa | January 21, 2013

La.Lit. A literary magazine exists to celebrate the beauty of writing, and it won