Niranjan Kunwar

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015, Day 3

Niranjan Kunwar | January 24, 2015

editor’s note – It has been brought to our notice that our blogger is struggling to keep up with the deluge of simultaneous sessions spitting out ideas ranging from the sublime to the mundane. There is, apparently, Just Too Much Going On. A few hastily written notes, marred with metaphysical coffee stains (or whisky?) have nonetheless […]

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015, Day 2

Niranjan Kunwar | January 23, 2015

The steady morning rain didn’t dampen the extraordinary spirit of the 2015 Jaipur Literature Festival on Day 2, even though some sessions were cut short and there was a bit of initial confusion around rescheduling.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015, Day 1

Niranjan Kunwar | January 21, 2015

Despite headlines that tell us people read less these days due to social media and television, more and more people are reading, claimed William Dalrymple during his keynote speech to the Jaipur Literature Festival on Wednesday,

Prologue: Jaipur Literature Festival 2015

Niranjan Kunwar | January 20, 2015

“One of the reasons I have come to concentrate on imagination as a means through which we can assemble a coherent world is that imagination is what, above all, makes empathy possible. It is what enables us to cross the empty spaces between ourselves and those we (teachers) have called “other” over the years….That is […]

For 24 hours in Kathmandu, an artist becomes art

Niranjan Kunwar | November 9, 2014

It was Sunday, the ninth day of November, a little past 3 pm, the kind of afternoon that reminded me of a drop of honey – shiny and sweet. As I made my way from Jamal to Durbar Marg, everything sparkled – helmets, windowpanes, even the street. Now and again I felt the breeze flowing […]

Where do you live?

Niranjan Kunwar | October 12, 2014

I lived, for a while, in a world without words. There was only music and movement. And masks. Frogs jumped. One of them had a mohawk. He swaggered across the stage, swept his arms around. It wasn’t quiet in there; guitars strummed. But when the musicians paused, the quality of silence, when one mask looked […]

On being visible

Niranjan Kunwar | August 11, 2014

Drawing the limits means excluding something which is seen as outside the valid order. This space in-between, this empty space that opens up between inside and outside, between the included and the excluded, tells as much about a society itself as it tells about its values. A society establishes and preserves its values through the […]

Damodar Pudasaini ‘Kishor’ honoured with the 2013 Uttam Shanti Puraskar

Niranjan Kunwar | June 24, 2014

“Qatar workers who have left with MRPs – stories of their pain and grief – are also included in a creative, poetic way,” said Professor Rajendra Subedi while introducing Damodar Pudasaini ‘Kishor’s Nametiyeka Chitraharu (Unerased Pictures), which was granted the 2013 Uttam Shanti Puraskar on 26 May, 2014, in a small ceremony in Kathmandu. Nametiyeka Chitraharu is a […]

The house that Uttam Kunwar built

Niranjan Kunwar | August 18, 2013

Bhupeen and Chaubis Reel “The essay and poetry are deeply related,” said Bhupeen, “the way I am related to my brother. The blood that flows inside an essay is the same blood that flows inside poetry.” This year, Bhupeen’s essay collection Chaubis Reel was unanimously nominated for the 2012 Uttam Shanti Puraskar, and his acceptance speech at […]