Dalit counterpublic

Pranab Man Singh | October 9, 2016

The photographic exhibition Dalit: A Quest for Dignity, on at Patan Museum till November 26, brings much of our country’s exploitative history into focus.

Learning to live

Rabi Thapa | June 19, 2016

Mountains melt, forests are felled, rivers flow and ebb, and where are we? It is tempting to imagine that climate change is too big for small places like Kurule to adapt to. But people still live here.

Everything is everything else

Pranaya SJB Rana | June 8, 2016

In All of Us In Our Own Lives, Thapa hammers in the adage that the personal is political, especially in a country like Nepal where there is no circle around the individual.

Other words, other worlds

Itisha Giri | April 17, 2016

In Other Words is an account of Jhumpa Lahiri losing and finding herself

Rule of thirds

Pranaya Rana | April 2, 2016

Three is an oblique, incomplete number. Three is a number of charm. Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times a pattern.

Reams of dreams

Rabi Thapa | December 22, 2015

There are at least two ways to go about telling a story. More straightforward, though not necessarily easier, is to document societies and situations that amuse, frustrate, illuminate.

Rest In peace

Ben Ayers | November 16, 2015

These are both films about death in the cold, in the thin air, for little reason except pride or wealth or foolishness.

Migration as freedom, migration as dukha

Niranjan Kunwar | July 23, 2015

“Widespread narratives of migration always involves dukha,” explained Sharma. But migration is also associated with freedom. “How do we understand this conflict?”

Waiting for O’Neill

Nepalikukur | July 3, 2015

How does one evaluate Parnab Mukherjee