Paritosh | January 11, 2014

MORNING SONGS   Raindrops rest on golden waves, She tugs and pulls with an ivory comb. Coffee brews in the kitchen, She hums an old Celtic tune.   Curtains drenched in warm orange light, The oak trees sigh on 9th Avenue. She plucks a rhododendron from the forest, She hums an old jhyāurey tune.   […]


stone.soup | October 13, 2013

Nothing wears its cape of spring like

the magnolia tree in their yard does

after waking from the naked ugliness

of its gnarled, rough stumps of winter…


stone.soup | September 5, 2013

Do geckos know no vertigo

that they cling to the ceiling

to grope, entwine, mate violently,

unafraid of the waiting fall?

साने घर्तीको कविता

नयन पोखरेल सिन्धुलीय | January 18, 2013

घर्तीको छोरो भए पनि त्यो फटाहा सानेको निशानाचाहिं मान्नै पर्ने हो हामी सानै छंदा थोत्रा साइकलका टायरबाट गुलेली बनाएर नांगेडांडामा मकै रुग्न जाँदा त्यो बुढो कदमको रुखबाट एक एक सुगा खसाल्थ्यो