Breaking the Bracket 2019

La.lit | August 8, 2019

Breaking the Bracket 2019: A Writing Program is inviting young emerging female and gender non-conforming writers writing in Nepali languages and English to participate in a year long program. The writing program is focused on creating stories that retell fairy tales, folk tales and myths from a feminist perspective for a young adult audience. Participating writers will come together in reading and writing seminars, attend a writing residency, work with a mentor, and explore their craft as part of a writing group.

Breaking the Bracket is focused on building a community of writers who are interested in writing stories that will inspire the next generation of feminists. The program will accept 8 to 10 writers. Selected writers will work on creating a body of work that builds off fairy tales, folktales and myths from their locale. Participants should be committed to improving their craft and be interested in social justice and gender issues. Towards the end of the program, their writing will be considered for publication and shared with target audiences through various storytelling events.

Throughout the program, the writers will work to create a substantial piece of writing. Female and gender non-conforming writers between the ages of 18 to 30 years who have not published a full-length book of their own are eligible to apply.  Writers must be of Nepali origin. 

There is no application or participation fee to be a part of this program. While the program will cover the transportation, accommodation and basic meals during the writing residency, participants will have to arrange for their own transportation and meals during the other components of the program.

If you are based outside Kathmandu Valley and require financial assistance to attend the program, please write to us at  with the email subject line ‘BTB: Travel Assistance Requirement’.

Breaking the Bracket 2019 is supported by U.S. Embassy’s Book Bus and La.Lit: The Literary Magazine.

Application form:

Application Deadline: August 31, 2019 (by midnight; Nepali Standard Time)

Program Structure:

 i) Reading articles on feminism, children’s literature, feminist children’s literature (September – December)

The writers will come together once a week to read and discuss feminism and children’s literature from Nepal and beyond. Each writer will facilitate a discussion session on a reading of their choice. The writers will also share the piece of writing that they submitted for the application (or of their choice) in pairs and give each other feedback. 

ii) Writing the first draft and sharing (December – February)

Writers will be given 8-10 weeks to finish their first drafts. Writers will have to submit their first drafts in February.

iii) First Draft Discussion (February – March)

Through a series of seminars, writers will share their first draft with each other and give feedback and suggestions to each other. They will be encouraged to revise and produce their second drafts by the end of March. 

iv) Mentorship (April)

Writers will be paired with mentors who will provide input on their content and help them polish their second drafts.

v) Editing Residency (May)

After collecting feedback from the editors/mentors the writers will leave for another 5 day residency. The writers will edit their pieces on the basis of the feedback they got from their mentors. The writers will submit their final draft by the end of the residency. If needed, they will work on their stories till the end of December.  

vi) Storytelling sessions (June – August)

After the final draft has been completed, the stories will be taken on the road and shared with their intended audience of children and young adults through a series of storytelling sessions and activities.

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