Mavak Tov

CB Anderson | May 19, 2017

Twelve years ago it was Isaac who happened to be sitting outside when Ranya showed up at Chavurat Messiah one October night. Only she wasn’t Ranya then; she was Kathleen DiMarco, Kat, twenty-four years old and seven months pregnant.

Two worlds meet in the centre of the universe

Dipesh Risal | April 19, 2017

Amritananda smiled. What a strange, quaint person this Rejident was, impeccable manners, soft-spoken and so out of place in the cesspool of Kathmandu politics.

Where is Lester Young?

Paritosh | December 5, 2016

I tell her that it’s 2062 where I come from.

Senator, do you shave?

Paritosh | July 26, 2016

Clocks are trouble. They lie. Women are trouble. They know when you’re lying. Bloody hell. I don’t know what day it is.

Lakhen and dragonflies – I

Salik Shah | May 12, 2016

There was a time when people in the great plains believed in ny?ya. Not anymore. Not after what had happened.

Taxicab confessions

Paritosh | January 14, 2016

“Y’know, Marilyn Monroe was a Russian spy?” “Nope. But a postman wrote Ham on Rye.”

Love in the time of blockade

J?r?me Le Fiste | December 1, 2015

I can’t exactly remember what happened in the days before the blockade was imposed. But I do remember that just as the gates in the mysterious south went down and prices went up a beautiful girl with dark curly hair moved in to the next building.

Writing Nepal, 3rd: The pārijāts will bloom

Abha Niraula | September 8, 2015

“Pārijāt only blooms at night”, Ama tells me.

“No it doesn’t,” I giggle in disbelief.

Writing Nepal 2015, 2nd: Shashi Neupane decides

Sumit Poudyal | September 1, 2015

Mr. Neupane woke up one day not wanting to go to work.