Submission guidelines

La.lit | January 29, 2013

La.Lit welcomes submissions from all over the universe and in whatever tongue you communicate in. The basic criterion is that your material, as per the collective judgment of our editorial team, has quality or relevance or preferably, a combination of both. We will consider for publication on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photo stories, and graphic […]

Jaipur Literature Festival: Day 2

La.lit | January 26, 2013

The second day of the Jaipur Literature Festival saw a rewarding focus on literature. The first session we attended saw Uday Prakash and Jason Grunebaum read in Hindi and English respectively from sections of the three stories included in┬áThe Walls of Delhi, shortlisted for the DSC South Asian Literary Prize. Moderated by Namita Gokhale, the […]

Jaipur Literature Festival: Day 1

La.lit | January 24, 2013

What is a literature festival for? The writers or for the literature? The first day of the festival was a mixed bag. It saw the Dalai Lama, in conversation with Pico Iyer, talk about the importance of honesty. The assumption behind his Holiness’s statement was that most unenlightened beings are not honest with themselves

Au Lecteur

Rabi Thapa | January 21, 2013

La.Lit. A literary magazine exists to celebrate the beauty of writing, and it won


Amod Bhattarai | January 18, 2013

Thank God for the rains! If not for it, I couldn

What is a classic? A hundred years of Nepali literature (1900-2000)

Sharada Sharma |

A literary work that possesses the quality of being eternally significant by building upon historically relevant work in a creatively stylistic manner can be

Habit and style

Surendra Thami | January 17, 2013

On the first Sunday afternoon of February he announced to his friends that he would not be seeing any of them over the week beginning the next Sunday.